Knee osteoarthritis now affects millions in China

Knee osteoarthritis has become a common disease with an incident as high as 15.6 percent in China, and the rate increases with age.

Knee osteoarthritis has become a common disease, affecting as many as 15.6 percent in China, and incidence increases with age — among those over 50 years old, the rate of those affected is multiplied with the rise in every 10 years of age.

In addition to the high incidence, knee osteoarthritis is the second-highest cause of disability in the world, seriously impacting life quality, experts told a medical forum discussing the latest technology and medicines treating knee osteoarthritis.

As a common degenerative joint disease, knee osteoarthritis has an incidence rate that is closely related to age. Other important factors which can lead to this problem include obesity, special occupations and joint injuries.

Dr Zhang Xianlong from Shanghai No. 6 People’s Hospital said injections to help lubricate and cushion the joint can provide safe and stable relief for patients with mild and moderate knee osteoarthritis. Such patients should obtain therapy as early as possible for better efficacy.

Ti Gong

Dr Zhang Xianlong (left) performs knee surgery.

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