A summer of fun activities for children

Li Xinran
Frozen watermelon, popsicle, Internet surfing, lamb skewer, video game, crawfish or sleep during the day is not the healthy way for children to spend their summer vacation.
Li Xinran
A summer of fun activities for children
Ti Gong

A variety of activities are held across Changning District to avail children a happy summer holiday. Activities on offer include summer camp, film salon, reading marathon, DIY training, sports game and seminar.

Frozen watermelon, popsicle, Internet surfing, lamb skewer, video game, crawfish or sleep during the day is not the healthy way for children to spend their summer vacation.

At least kids in Changning have a lot of other things to do apart from their holiday assignments. They may have a choice to go to nearly 70 swimming pools throughout the district or visit a number of local museums to embrace art or simply expand their vision.

Summer camp, film salon, reading marathon, DIY training and seminar are also waiting for them. District students’ physical condition monitoring center is open every Monday and Wednesday from now until August 23.

Primary and secondary school students may take physical or skill tests at the center, which will also organize sport activities such as badminton, basketball, table tennis, soccer and martial arts among them.

There are opportunities for local teenagers to meet their pals who come a long way from Yunnan in southwest China or even overseas. Exchange programs will enhance friendships among them.

Some teachers are still on duty this summer to tell young geeks that chemical reactions happen in everyday life, help them make paper aeroplanes with a focus on aerodynamics or prepare fun Antarctic facts for kids.

Community activities

Communities in Changning will treat young people in different ways.

Xinhua Community provides students with a reading camp and summer law school.

Young travelers may visit the ex-residence of Qian Xuesen, the former site of the then Shanghai bureau of Communist Party of China Central Committee, as well as the wall of celebrities at Jiangsu Community.

Huayang Community launches calligraphy solicitation among teenagers through the end of the month and the children film festival at the digital cinema on the third floor of the community service center.

Zhouqiao Community opens robot class and science lab for kids aged five to 10 years old, twice a month, on the sixth floor of the community cultural activities center.

The community also offers local primary school students swimming lessons and volunteer services.

The most popular Manga Festival will be held at Tianshan Community through until the end of the month. Other activities held by Tianshan features a military camp and students’ summer games.

Xianxia Community marks the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Liberation Army with an exhibition and stage shows. It also held a child painting exhibition at the community culture center.

Magicians interact with students during their performances at Hongqiao Community. Young people may also attend a DIY course about Chinese New Year crafts with their parents or join a flying chess contest.

Chengqiao Community offers students folk art courses, summer military school, quiz and speech contest as well as children’s opera.

Beixinjing Community launches “heart to heart, hand in hand,” a Chinese education series for overseas Chinese children.

Children are also encouraged to recite classic Chinese on holiday. A paper tearing show is also held at the community this month.

Xinjing Town invites students to take part in the daily management of the community and opens a woodwork DIY course for young carpenters. It is a fun-filled, non-stop activity holiday. Don’t miss out.

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