Lots to do despite the summer heat

Plenty of events are waiting for residents in Jiading to take part in the hot summer.

Summer is here, and with it the heatwave... People are reluctant to go outside, preferring to stay indoors with the air-conditioning on. However, there are various events already in full swing in Jiading, waiting for residents to take part. 

Guyi Garden has recruited volunteers to give visitors a better experience. Meanwhile,the Youth Shooting Team has finished its recruitment so we can expect to see more beautiful views of Jiading in their pictures.

If you missed the events above, don’t worry.

Jiading has more for you this summer. Don’t miss out on a range of enjoyable summer events that are waiting for you over the summer months in the district.

Artwork show

The Lu Yanshao Art Gallery launched a painting and calligraphy exhibition series recently to honor Lu Yanshao, a renowned traditional Chinese painter, on his 108th birthday. About 50 pieces of artworks are on display, including paintings themed on mountains and sea, and calligraphy pieces, handscripts and eight pieces of furniture that Lu used in Shenzhen in south China. Most of the pieces were donated by Lu and his relatives and students. The paintings and calligraphy copies will tour schools in Jiading from September to December.

Date: Through October 31

Tel: 5952-9530

Venue: Lu Yanshao Art Gallery

Address: 358 Dongdajie Str


The artist is famous for his paintings that depict China’s distinctive mountains and lakes paintings.

Calligraphy exhibition

A calligraphy exhibition themed on “Lan Ting Xu” is on display at Jiading Museum. “Lan Ting Xu,” written by Wang Xizhi (303-361 AD), is regarded not only as a literary gem, but also a masterpiece of Chinese calligraphy for its ethereal running script. Jiading Museum displays copies and rubbings of the origin version, telling the related calligraphy history. Copies by Chu Suiliang (596-659 AD) and Feng Chengsu (617-672 AD), both renowned calligraphers in Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), are among the most influential and elaborate pieces. Visitors can also see the “Lan Ting Ba Zhu,” the eight pillars built by Emperor Qianlong (1736-1796), carved with the “Lan Ting Xu” copies by outstanding calligraphers throughout Chinese history. Meanwhile, writing brushes, ink sticks, ink slabs and paper are also on display, helping citizens appreciate and understand the development of the ethereal running script.

Date: Through August 31, 8:30am-5pm

Tel: 5992-8800

Venue: Jiading Museum

Address: 215 Bole Rd


Painting display

Wutong Culture and Art Center launched a “Belt and Road” art exhibition recently. It showcases about 100 pieces including traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, oil painting, sculpture and engraved printing.

Date: Through August 15

Tel: 3955-7512Venue: Wutong Culture and Art Center

Address : 258 Jinyuan No. 4 Rd


Residents admire an artwork on display at the “Belt and Road” art exhibition. — Zeng Fei and Zhang Xiaodong

Blood donation

Blood donation is coming to Jiading again this year. There are over 10,000 residents donating blood every year in Jiading. It is proved by science that blood donation is good to health. People donate 200-400ml once a time, causing only 10% of the blood lost. Besides, the blood in liver, spleen, or other organs recycle in the body, decreasing the rate of heart disease.

Bole Plaza: 8-10:45am, 1-4pm (only workdays, closed on Mondays and Wednesdays); 9am-4-pm (weekends) 

Jia Ting Hui Blood Donate House: 10am-3:30pm 

Ruijin Hospital North: 9am-4pm (only workdays) 

Malu Da Rong Cheng: 9:30am-3:30pm (weekends)

Jiading Blood Stand: 8-11am, 1-4pm (only workdays, closed on Mondays and Wednesdays)

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