Locally developed medical equipment gets much-needed promotion

Zhongshan Hospital sets up center to promote Chinese-made medical equipment, in a bid to see the number of products imported from overseas drop, reducing patients' costs.

Zhongshan Hospital has set up the only domestically-made medical equipment demonstration center in Eastern China, to boost development and promotion for Chinese-made equipment, the hospital said on a forum.

So far, 80 percent of computerized tomography (CT), 90 percent of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and almost 100 percent of positron emission computerized tomography and computer tomography (PET-CT) technology in domestic hospitals is imported from overseas companies. The domestic medical equipment industry lags behind that of developed countries.

“With the development of some domestic companies and the policy to support the domestic industry, our hospital has started cooperation with leading domestic companies,” said Gu Jianying, vice president of Zhongshan Hospital. “The results are very good.”

The hospital is also itself leading in the development of medical consumables. The coronary stents developed by its medical team, headed by Dr Ge Junbo, have been used by over 900 hospitals in the nation, greatly dropping patients’ medical costs.

ti gong
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