Woman 'ripped off dealers' with rigged shopping cards

Woman charged over tampering with shopping cards, ripping off dealers for about US$3,000.

A woman faces trial charged with making about 20,000 yuan (US$3,000) from three people with rigged shopping cards, Shanghai police said on Wednesday.

The suspect, surnamed Lu, confessed to scratching off the original silver ink covering the codes on the back of cards, writing down the numbers and then covering the numbers up again before selling the cards to dealers, police said.

One of the victims was a man surnamed Ni who was running a “gift-dealing” shop.

Ni said he paid 930 yuan for each of eight cards with face value of 1,000 yuan from the woman after making sure that the silver ink over the codes was intact, but then he found out that there was no money on the cards.

The cards were “OK cards” issued by Bailian Group.


Police in Pudong said the cards had money in them when Ni purchased them from the woman, but all of the money was used up to charge seven gas cards about 50 minutes after the deal was made.

Police tracked her down because she had used her national ID number to buy the gas cards.

The suspect is accused of involvement in two similar cases.

A search on taobao.com showed that such silver ink which is used to cover numbers on cards is readily and cheaply available.


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