Firms face fines for failing to sort garbage

Two firms in Huangpu have been ordered to comply with city garbage sorting regulations or face fines.

A department store and an office building in downtown Huangpu District were today ordered to take action or face a fine after an inspection by the city’s urban management authorities found they were not sorting garbage properly.

The Shanghai Landmark Department Store on Nanjing Rd E. was not separating dry and wet garbage, inspectors with the Shanghai Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau found.

A garbage bin used for wet trash contain dry branches and leaves, tissues, cigarette butts and plastic.

Shanghai Shenergy Property Management Co, the management company of the department store, was ordered to rectify to problem or face a fine of up to 1,000 yuan (US$147.50).

At the Xinhuangpu office building on Sichuan Rd M., officials found two garbage bins without covers, and there was sewage on the ground and a foul smell.

Garbage inside was not sorted, with plastic boards, wood, tissues and wet trash mixed.

Shanghai Macro Home, the management company, was ordered to set up garbage sorting bins properly or face a fine of up to 500 yuan.

Shanghai imposed compulsory garbage sorting regulations on working units this year.

In the first half of this year, authorities have been promoting the new policy among companies.

The city is also trialing a “no sorting, no collection and transportation” policy to force companies to sort garbage, the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau said.

For households, Shanghai is offering incentives with its “green account” scheme. Green account holders earn points by sorting garbage. They can redeem the points for milk, soup, toothpaste, phone cards and tickets to tourist attractions — or use the points to pay utility bills.

Chen Xihan
Special Reports