Lucky man cashes in on help from fellow residents

A man who had tens of thousands of yuan blown from his hand by a freak gust of wind hit the jackpot when a group of honest fellow residents helped him reclaim most of his riches.

A man would have lost tens of thousands of yuan to the wind on Wednesday morning, had it not been for conscientious fellow residents, police said today.

The man withdrew money from a bank near the crossroads of Huangxing Road and Guoquan Road E. in Yangpu District at about 9am on Wednesday, before carrying the banknotes in a bag he was holding, when a sudden gust of wind blew away his fortune.

However, fortunately enough for him, about 20 passers-by at the busy crossroads during morning peak hour stepped up immediately to help him pick up the money from the ground.

Almost all of the banknotes were collected within two minutes.

The drama was recorded on a surveillance camera operated by Yangpu police.

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