Pudong's Metro network to extend 100 kilometers

By 2020, Pudong New Area's Metro network will have an additional 100 kilometers. The Metro extension is part of the district government's 13th five-year plan.

By 2020, Pudong New Area's Metro network will extend a further 100 kilometers, with 11 cross-river lines.

The Metro extension is part of the district government's 13th five-year plan (2016-2020), the city government said on Wednesday. In addition to the 11 Metro cross-river lines, there will be 21 cross-river passages for other traffic.

According to the plan, the district will connect six tunnels across Huangpu River during the five-year period, which includes G1501 Tunnel, Changjiang Raod W. Tunnel and Zhoujiazui Road Tunnel.

Five Metro line construction projects will also be started, such as the third phase of  Line 9, as well as Lines 14 and 18.

The authority will also work with city-level departments to launch Metro projects such as the Chongming Line.

Under the plan, public transport will play a bigger role in residents' daily lives. 

The plan aims to make public transport account for 55 percent of the downtown area's total transport system, and 60 percent traffic of public transport will be on the Metro system.

The plan aims to cut the commuting time of residents who live in downtown Pudong to within 45 minutes on average, and cut the travel time between suburban Nanhui New Town and Pudong's downtown area to within an hour.

More bus stations will be installed to ensure the downtown area is fully covered by a bus station network, with at least one bus in every 500 meters.

The local authority will further push construction on 30 transport hubs, to promote the project of "one town, one hub" in towns including Nichen, Shuyuan and Heqing. Plans to set up eight bus stations in suburban areas such as Caolu and Huinan will be studied.

To improve the environment for bike riders and pedestrians, the authority aims to upgrade landscape design on roads in Pudong and promote "model areas" for non-motorized or slower vehicles.

Such model areas will be set up along riversides, in line with the renovation of Huangpu River’s banks, particularly the green belt path between Yangpu and Xupu bridges.

Other parts of the district, such as large parks, crowded business districts and some residential communities, are also encouraged to set up model areas to promote slower transport.

Pudong's Metro network to extend 100 kilometers
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