Mobike outage in major cities leaves morning commuters in the lurch

Many frustrated users complained on social media after Mobike went down in major cities across China this morning, including Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Many frustrated users complained on social media after Mobike, one of China’s two biggest bike sharing companies, went down in cities including Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou this morning. 

The users complained about being late for work after being unable to open multiple Mobikes with the application, while the company’s customer service hotline was overloaded with calls.

One Weibo user in Shanghai said that many Mobike users were trying to unlock the bikes outside a compound with no luck. Another replies that they scanned five bikes in total, and none would open.

With the booming bike sharing service in China, many people in big cities have come to rely on shared bikes for their daily commute.

Mobike said on its Weibo at about 9:40am that its technical team had been working on the issue and that the service had resumed, but users weren't satisfied.

They expressed regret for the outage but did not explain what caused it.

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