Umbrellas fail quality tests

About a quarter of umbrellas bought randomly on the market failed quality tests, with substandard performances against rain and sunshine as well as causing safety concerns.

Not all umbrellas are sheltered from poor quality performance.

A number of brollies bought randomly on the market gave an up and down performance in quality tests, with about a quarter of marked for substandard performance against rain and sun and also causing safety concerns.

Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission tested 40 umbrellas priced between 19.90 yuan (US$2.95) and 520 yuan. Umbrellas sold at Shanghai New World Department Store, Hotwind, and Huijin Department Store failed tests.

An umbrella made by Shanghai Jieguang Clothing Co and sold at Shanghai New World and another made by Hotwind and sold at the Xinzhuang outlet of Hotwind were found to have a flawed design, posing safety concerns, the commission said.

In total, nine samples were found to have structural problems and flawed safety designs, and the list also included an umbrella made by Shenzhen Huwei Clothing Co and sold by Giordano (Shanghai), according to the commission.

Seven umbrellas had substandard performances over rain protection and did not pass a rain protection test.

The umbrellas included one made by Shanghai Heyin Silk Co and sold at Huijin Department Store.

Another umbrella sold at Orient Shopping Center and produced by Shanghai Haoli Co failed the same test.

A brolly produced by Shanghai Jieguang Clothing Co and sold at Shanghai New World failed for substandard performance over ultraviolet (UV) protection.

Umbrellas fail quality tests
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