Line 1 is the least liked Metro line

Local commuters are most satisfied with the service on Metro Line 13, a survey released on Tuesday said. Line 1 is bottom of the poll.
Line 1 is the least liked Metro line
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Local commuters are most satisfied with the service of Metro Line 13 and least pleased with the service of Line 1, according to a survey released on Tuesday.

The satisfaction survey on the city's 15 Metro lines in the second quarter was released by the city's transportation commission.

A total of 15,002 people took part in the survey, which covered five areas — operation safety, the hardware condition of Metro stations and trains, service quality, service convenience and complaints.

The survey showed an average score of 87.56 out of 100, up by 0.28 on the score for the previous quarter, and 0.14 higher than the same period last year. 

Lines 13, 8 and 12 were ranked the top three in the most satisfied ratings, while Line 1 was judged the worst performer, followed by lines 3 and 16.

The report said more passengers had complained about the Metro’s environment, particularly ventilation in trains and stations this quarter. The number of complaints almost doubled that of the previous season.

This was probably because the second quarter takes in the turn of spring and summer, along with the plum rain season, analysts said.

The report said the Metro operator should improve management of the Metro environment and take account of changing weather patterns  to improve conditions for passengers.

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