Three cars found with same plate

Shanghai traffic police arrested a man seen driving three different Mercedes cars with plates depicting the same number.

A man was arrested on Monday after three different Mercedes cars were spotted, each bearing the same plate in Shanghai.

Traffic police said the three Mercedes S-Class cars were parked in Shanghai Used Car Market on Monday afternoon.

Ti Gong

Police said they found evidence from surveillance cameras a few days ago showing that the same person was driving the three cars between Baoshan and Putuo districts.

Ti Gong

Bai Changshan, the driver, was caught in the used car market on Monday.

Bai told police that a person named Yang Lei, who was the owner of the three cars, had asked him to sell them, and since two of the cars had Shanghai C plates, which are not allowed within the Outer Ring Road, Bai had to use the Shanghai B plate on the third car on the other two cars while driving them into downtown districts.

Ti Gong

Bai Changshan

Police said a new set of car plates and a vehicle license was issued to the B plate car last June.

Investigation is continuing.

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