Shanghai opens youth career training camps

The 24 government-sponsored camps are aimed at promoting employment in the city.

Young residents will be able to take part in free professional career training soon after 24 government-sponsored camps were officially set up on Thursday.

They will begin accepting applications next month. People aged from 16 to 35, including college students, are eligible to use the service to prepare themselves for their first jobs or to find out about a better career development path.

The camps, run by districts, colleges or social institutions, offer diversified training.

The Pudong New Area camp focuses on cultivating career opportunities for talent in industries such as financing and biomedical that the city is prioritizing.

The Pudong camp will cooperate with about 400 finance companies and 250 biomedical enterprises to train their employees as well as those who would like to work in the industries.

The camp in Huangpu District targets new mothers who plan to return to the workplace.

It will offer courses in human resources, executive secretary work and management. Skilled tutors will be invited to provide psychological and physical lessons, as well as policy analysis and case studies. Trainees will also go to companies to experience what working there involves.

Some other camps will concentrate on jobs increasingly popular in Shanghai. Baoshan District targets the cruise industry, while Changning District provides training for fashion buyers.

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