Shanghai police announce 'intensive campaign' against crimes

Party Secretary Han Zheng urges the police to keep up the good work in making the city safer.

About 550 suspects have been caught in over 380 cases solved since the beginning of this week, which is a bugle of an “intensive campaign” against crimes in the next few months, Shanghai police said on Friday.

From Thursday to early Friday morning, police said they inspected over 3,800 locations around the city where crimes and offenses are considered more likely than elsewhere.

Shanghai police announce 'intensive campaign' against crimes

Law and order was enforced at game parlors, karaoke bars and massage clubs where prostitution, gambling and drug crimes tend to happen. Meanwhile, police stepped up checks to passengers at metro stations.

Also over 7,100 offenses of fire safety rules were discovered at the city’s high-rise buildings and ordered to be removed as soon as possible, police said.

During inspections to those buildings, police were looking out for littering and lack of lighting or signs in emergency staircases as well as irregularities in e-bike charging.

Shanghai police announce 'intensive campaign' against crimes

Next up, police said they will also keep cracking down on offenses and crimes including thefts, robberies, frauds and infringement of privacy information.

Han Zheng, Shanghai Party Secretary, said at a conference with officials from the public security bureau on Friday that police should keep up the good work in making the city safer.

“Police should proactively respond to expectations from the residents and focus on improving fire safety at underground facilities, metro stations and high-rise building, ensuring safe storage and transportation of industrial chemicals, safeguarding the most visited venues and cracking down on telecom frauds,” he said.

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