Companies named and shamed for not paying wages

Red faces for 16 firms after the Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau exposed them for deliberately not paying employees’ wages.

Not only have 16 companies been named and shamed for not paying wages, they have also been reported to the judicial departments.

Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau displayed on its website details of the companies' violations along with the names of the bosses.

All the cases have been handed over to the judicial departments, said the bureau.

The most serious case involves a residence development company in Minhang District.

The firm, identified as Huafeng, owed about 1.87 million yuan (US$283,530) in wages to its 102 employees from June to September last year.

Local labor security supervisors received a report about the non-payments on January 19, but the company’s legal person Huang Xiao refused to cooperate with the investigation.

Authorities had issued a notice, asking the company to rectify the problem, but it failed to do so.

The case was handed to Minhang police on January 22. Huang was arrested on April 28 on suspicion of refusing to pay wages to employees and is being prosecuted.

Other legal officials at the offending companies are still being sought.

They include Yang Sihai of the Shanghai Gengmeng Hotel, which owed 18 employees about 100,000 yuan in wages for the first three months of this year.

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