Where the shoe doesn't fit

Seven batches of shoes — some of them on sale at H&M and Muji stores — have failed quality tests.

Seven batches of shoes failed quality tests, the city's quality watchdog said on Wednesday.

These shoes, some of them marketed by H&M and Muji, failed to meet China's national standard of bending resistance, said the Shanghai Quality Inspection and Supervision Bureau.

It inspected 32 batches of shoes in total. They were tested for bending resistance, wearability, shock-absorption, pH index, color fastness, azo dyes and slip resistance.

The substandard shoes were of brands including Xtep, Decathlon, Play Boy, H&M, kappa, and Muji, which had two batches of female sports shoes that failed to meet approval.

The bending-resistance test simulates continuous walking and records whether faults occur after they are bent 40,000 times.

The most common problem for shoes with substandard bending resistance is cracking soles and uppers, which affects wearability, bureau officials said.

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