Students to receive guidance on preventing sport injuries

Books for school children advising them how to enhance their knowledge and skills to protect themselves in sport are to be issued for free.

Students in local schools will receive a special gift when the new semester starts tomorrow. 

They will be given a book advising them how to prevent and handle injuries during sports activities.

The book has been compiled under the supervision of the Shanghai Education Commission.

There is one version for primary school pupils and another for middle school students. The books describe the reasons for commonly seen injuries among students, such as insufficient preparation and incorrect gestures, and offers guidance for prevention and emergency treatment.

The book for younger students contains more pictures along with stories featuring cartoon characters, while the older students receive more knowledge about physiology and sanitation.

Another version for teachers will also be published in September. Furthermore training will also be organized to help PE teachers in local schools to better teach students the necessary knowledge and skills.

The books are part of a nationwide effort to enhance students’ physiques and to dispel the fears of both parents and students about injuries that can occur in sports.

Students to receive guidance on preventing sport injuries
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE
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