The taxi firms that gather the most complaints

The city’s transportation commission reveals the taxi companies that have drawn the most complaints in the first half of this year — along with the most complained about vehicle.

The city’s transportation commission received 33,480 complaints involving the taxi industry in the first half of this year.

The commission yesterday released a list of the most complained about taxi companies and taxis in the period. The taxi industry received on average a complaint about one of every two taxis in the first six months in 2017. By the end of 2016, the city had a total of 108 taxi companies.

The commission also received a total of 60,917 petition letters and hotline reports involving the taxi industry in the first half of this year, more than half of them complaints.

Shanghai Shenhua (Chunlian) Individual Taxi Management Department topped the list for the most complaints — 1.61 complaints per car, with a total of 66 complaints, followed by Daqiao Taxi and Fuxin Taxi.

The most complained about individual taxi was registered under the car plate number (Shanghai) GU5871, which received 25 complaints. It comes under the auspices of Shanghai Shenhua Taxi Service Company.

Shanghai Rongchen Taxi Company received the most complaints concerning drivers’ bad attitudes and for refusing to take passengers.

Shanghai Tap-Water Keyou Tourist Company received the most complaints for detours, while Shanghai Fuxin Taxi Company was top of the list for overcharging.

Complainants are advised to submit receipts, along with audio or video records. Penalties will be imposed if the violations are confirmed.

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