Training camp teaches innovative thinking

Training camp launched in Jiading provided tailored courses including interpretation of governmental policies, guidance in innovative thinking and hands-on project training.

A three-month craftsman training camp was launched in Jiading, providing tailored courses ranging from the interpretation of governmental policies, to guidance in innovative thinking and hands-on project training.

Zhu Shisheng, senior engineer at Continental Corporation, jumped at the chance and registered for the camp, looking for a chance to improve his way of thinking and promote innovation.

“People might think that we are already innovative talent, while in fact we considered ourselves in a rather preliminary stage of innovating,” Zhu said. “It is hard to go on with our jobs if our inspiration runs dry.”

Zhu was not the only one. The district labor union, which founded the camp, said plenty of craftsmen staggered because they were limited by their way of thinking, failed to update their ideas and did not interact much in the field.

“Innovation is not supposed to be occasional. Through proper instruction and with certain teamwork, innovation can be constant and a talent in the meantime will sustain his or her ability to innovate as well,” said a worker at the labor union.

The camp stuck with the principles of openness and cooperation. The instructors invited were from Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Normal University’s Tianhua College. The “Ideation Design” course from Stanford University was also introduced to help develop thinking.

The participants were encouraged to bring along their teams.

“We praise teamwork. Innovation is engaged with sharing and delivering,” the organizer said.

Zhu is already planning to share what he has learned at the camp with his students and spread innovative ideas, as he is also a teacher at Jiading Industrial Park’s engineers’ classes.

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