Revamped service for Bus 71 route

Electronic boards on stations along the route will be upgraded to provide an improved service.

Service on the city's special Bus 71 route, which runs along a 17.5-kilometer bus-only lane under the Yan’an Elevated Road, is being improved.

Electronic boards on stations along Bus 71 will be upgraded to provide more and better services, according to a plan released on Monday.

The existing boards on Bus 71’s stations currently provide arrival time of the next bus and weather information.

The bus operator, Shanghai Bashi Group, said the upgraded boards will not only improve accuracy of existing services on the arrival time and weather updates, but offer more information, such as how crowded the next bus is, reveal road congestion along the bus route, as well as issue lost and found information. 

Some stations will set up touch-screens, allowing passengers to check nearby maps or find about nearby scenic spots.

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