Ex-wife takes hit on driving offenses

A man who worked for her former husband loaded 4,492 traffic offenses onto her driving license.

A woman’s ex-husband’s driver is said to have loaded thousands of traffic offenses on her license.

The driver surnamed Yang has been caught for allegedly loading traffic offenses onto the driving license of his former employer’s ex-wife, a woman surnamed Chen, police said on Wednesday.

Yang is alleged to have done so by correlating the bank card from which the fines were paid to Chen’s driving license data. Chen admitted that she herself signed on  application for  for the card, but she said she couldn’t remember how it then ended up in Yang’s hands.

Chen reported to Putuo police in July that Yang had loaded 4,492 traffic offenses — recorded on over 1,000  different plates between April 2009 and February 2017 — onto her driving license.

Chen said she found out about the matter after she was told in May by the government that she would not be able to apply for a Shanghai car plate this year because there were over five traffic offenses recorded under her driving license in the past 12 months, and that she would be banned from applying for a plate for three years.

It was then she found out that the fines for all the offenses were all paid by Yang from a bank account registered with her identity information. When she confronted him, Yang is said to have owned up and agreed to pay 100,000 yuan (US$15,300) to Chen as compensation.

Despite that, police said they formed a case against Yang who could now face the criminal charge of stealing identity documents of other people.

Yang claimed that the bank card was given to him by Chen’s former husband, surnamed Ji, for whom he was working as a personal driver at that time.

Ji is alleged to have asked Yang to take care of his traffic offenses with the card, but Yang then used the card to load traffic offenses of other people as well onto Chen's license.

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