Independent lab establishment an "important part" of health services

Independent third-party labs are encouraged by the government under health reform, and will become an important part of China's health service.

Staff working at Precision Medical's new lab.

An independent third-party laboratory has been established in Shanghai as part of medical health reforms.

Under the reforms, the government is encouraging hospitals, especially those at the grassroots, to purchase testing services from licensed and qualified independent laboratories to save costs, improve health quality and streamline practices. It is a practice that is already well established in Western countries but is new to China.

Precision Medical, which was set up by organizations and companies including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, targets testing from community-based hospitals, which don’t have big investment or many professionals to conduct high-end medical tests for its patients. Standard and precise testing can help ensure the quality of diagnosis and treatment.

To establish a laboratory meeting international standards, Precision Medical also cooperated with Roche Diagnostics (Shanghai) Ltd to jointly build a biochemical and immunological lab, as well as a molecule lab and pathological lab at the facility. 

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