More top students learn medicine after recent lull

Medical schools again become one of the top choices for the best high school students, who are determined to become doctors.
More top students learn medicine after recent lull
Ti Gong

Freshmen of Shanghai Jiaotong University's School of Medicine make an oath during the new semester opening ceremony yesterday.

After experiencing a lull, local medical schools again become a top choice for many high school graduates, leading to entrance score requirements rising quickly. Medical schools are again attracting many of the best students.

Low income, heavy workloads and poor relationships between doctors and patients have meant many excellent high school students have opted out of learning medicine in previous years, but the situation has started to change recently.

“More young people who have a strong desire to learn medicine apply for medical schools, and most of them have very good mental abilities to face the current problems,” said Shao Li from Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, which had a semester opening ceremony yesterday. “Our entrance score is over 60 points from the lowest college entrance score in Shanghai this year. It set a record, after being at 50-plus points recently.”

Jia Wenqing, a freshman of Jiaotong’s medical school, said she was determined to become a doctor after being hospitalized for severe pneumonia for one month two years ago.

“After witnessing doctors and nurses’ hard and professional working, I decided to return to the hospital in the future as a doctor,” she said. “I also want to be their colleagues and save more people’s lives.”

Zhang Kunqi took part in the national college entrance examination eight years ago and majored in information safety afterwards. After working in game development and even planning to start his own business, he decided to learn medicine last year and became a freshman at Jiaotong’s medical school this semester.

“I had a deep think about my life and discussed it with my parents. Then I decided to learn medicine and choose being a doctor as my life career,” he said.

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