Tourist bus carrying 57 bursts into flames, no one injured

By 2pm, traffic near the Xinqiao tollgate on G60 Hukun Expressway was fully recovered, and the passengers were transported safely away by police.
Ti Gong
Ti Gong

A tourist bus with 57 people on-board dramatically burst into flames on an expressway in suburban Shanghai Thursday morning, resulting in not even a single injury.

The incident took place about 1.5 kilometers east of the Xinqiao tollgate on G69 Hukun Expressway at about 8:20am, according to Songjiang police.

All of the 57 passengers got off the bus after smoke began to rise from the rear end and then a fire broke out, police said.

Police soon arrived on the scene and arranged to transport the passengers away to a safe place, while firefighters put out the fire.

A few lanes on the expressway were closed due to the incident, but traffic was back to normal by 2pm, police said.

A preliminary investigation has found no suspicious circumstances surrounding the fire, although the investigation continues.

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