Jackpot lottery winner hopes his children won't stop working

The winner of a nearly 100 million yuan (US$15.3 million) windfall has bought welfare lottery tickets for 20 years, and the winning number combination was randomly picked.

The winner of the nearly 100 million yuan (US$15.3 million) lottery jackpot is described as a "senior Shanghainese man," who doesn't want his children to give up hard work because of his windfall. 

He has bought welfare lottery tickets for 20 years, and the winning number combination was randomly picked, the Shanghai Welfare Lottery Center said on Thursday.

The lottery winner claimed his prize on Thursday on Sichuan Rd M. in Huangpu District. His actual bonanza is 770.2 million yuan after tax was deducted.

The man learnt that he was the winner on Tuesday night when the results were announced on television. He double-checked the winning number on the official website of the center.

He said he was so excited that he didn't sleep until 2am, the center said.

"The winner is very experienced and he studies the winning numbers of lottery tickets and lottery charts," the center said, adding he does not stick to fixed numbers and usually picks the numbers and combinations himself.

The winning numbers were randomly chosen, the center said, quoting the winner.

He donated 1 million yuan to the Shanghai Foundation for Mutual & Aiding Needy Assistance when he arrived to claimed the prize, the foundation said.

The winner has so far only shared the good fortune with his wife. "He said he hopes that his children would not give up hard work because of the windfall," the center said.

"He said he would use the money to improve living conditions and support his children financially. He would also help needy people."

The winner declined media interviews because he did not want his life to change. His personal information is protected by the center based on China’s lottery management regulations.

However, the big winner did not cover his face when claiming the prize, the center said.

He hit the jackpot of 5.81 million yuan and he bought the same numbers 15 times. He also won the second prize, totaling more than 10 million yuan, via multiply ticket purchases.

The total bonanza is 97.278 million yuan — the largest win since 2011.

The winning numbers of double-color balls were 08, 09, 15, 17, 30, 32 for the red ball, and 06 for the blue ball.

The tickets of the jackpot and second prize were sold at a welfare lottery outlet on 597 Shunchang Road in Huangpu.

The biggest jackpot won in the Shanghai welfare lottery is 259 million yuan, which was claimed by a city resident, who spent just 200 yuan to land the windfall.

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