100m yuan boost to AI, security and manufacturing industries

Sijing Town plans to set up an industry support fund of 100 million yuan (US$14.71 million) a year to boost artificial intelligence industry.
Ti Gong

Sijing Town, in Songjiang District, plans to set up an industry support fund of 100 million yuan (US$14.71 million) a year to boost artificial intelligence, intelligent security and intelligent manufacturing industry, according to a newest policy of the township government aiming to integrate the town into G60 High-Tech Corridor in Songjiang District.

Southern Industrial Park in Sijing will be the hub for robot manufacturers. So far the industrial park has attracted COMAU, Triumph Robotics and Shanghai United General Technics.

“G60 High-Tech Corridor provides an ideal location for our company to develop in the artificial intelligence industry. We are confident in Songjiang,” said COMAU China Managing Director Sami Ilkka.

COMAU Group also has a plan to set up its Asia Pacific headquarter in Sijing, where services as a core area for AI industry of G60 High-Tech Corridor. The corridor along G60 Expressway from Shanghai to Hangzhou, which covers more than 280 square kilometers, includes a series of industrial parks and business zones — all aimed at boosting technology development throughout the Yangtze River Delta.

The industrial park plans to attract upstream and downstream industries as well as big data companies, forming three robotic industrial groups in industry, service and military categories.

In addition to Southern Industrial Park, Sijing government has made a comprehensive industry plan, covering Sijing Old Town, two belts along Xinzhuan Highway and Shanghai-Songjiang Highway, and four areas targeting scientific innovation, AI and intelligent manufacturing, food and fashion industries.

To make room for sustainable development, Sijing township government shut down five markets and 182 highly polluted enterprises with low efficiency. The move made available 380,000 square meters of spaces, the size of 54 soccer fields.

Shanghai Transcom Instruments, winner of top national science and technology awards in 5G technology, has set up three enterprises in Kaifu Science and Renovation Park in Sijing. Sijing has also attracted Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Furen Pharmaceutical Group and China German Industry 4.0 Alliance to set up industrial parks and core industrial centers in the area. A national intelligent security test platform will also be set up there.

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