Shanghai Declaration of Quality issued at China Quality Conference

Government departments and international organizations proposed and issued the Shanghai Declaration of Quality today at the 2nd China Quality Conference in Shanghai.

Government departments and international organizations jointly proposed and issued the Shanghai Declaration of Quality today at the 2nd China Quality Conference in Shanghai.

On Friday and Saturday, the representatives from government departments, quality organizations, businesses and the academia from 37 countries and regions participated in the 2nd China Quality Conference with the theme of “Quality: Improve the Supply Side, Usher in a New Era.” 

Quality is not only about the properties of products and services, but also a standard of living and a philosophy of life, the declaration states.

Quality has a profound influence on the development of individuals, enterprises, industries and countries in the future. The world has moved into an era of quality and quality is becoming a strategic issue in global development, it says.

Stable socio-economic growth requires economic restructuring which requires improving quality. Quality brings efficiency and value and can play a decisive role in development, it says.

The declaration makes 10 proposals, namely, value quality, maintain quality and safety, deepen cooperation in national quality infrastructure, promote exchanges and integration of quality cultures with the spirit of inclusiveness and equality, promote the innovation of quality technology and establish a platform of it to deliver the benefits of human innovation, increase training and education, encourage the sharing and exchange of the best practices in quality, cooperate to promote people-to-people exchanges of quality activities among economies, jointly help small and medium-sized enterprises improve quality, and push for the establishment of an international organization for quality development.

We will establish a strong mechanism of regulatory cooperation to cope with risks in quality and safety, the declaration says. We will work together to solve the problems of food safety, product quality and quality deficiency to improve people’s life, it says.

The declaration says: "We will promote the cooperation and mutual recognition of metrology, standards, conformity assessment, and connectivity among countries in national quality infrastructure."

"This conference reiterates and strongly appeals for continuing to deepen global cooperation of quality. On the platform of the China Quality Conference, we will jointly improve the quality of the international development so that the world will embrace a better future."

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