Shanghai policeman donates stem cells to leukemia patient in Guangxi

Touched by the story of a father with a child suffering leukemia whom he encountered in his work, Xu Miao became a member of the China Marrow Donor Program.
Ti Gong

Police officer Xu Miao donated his stem cells at Huashan Hospital.

Six years ago police officer Xu Miao had an encounter he never forgot. And yesterday it led to him becoming a donator of stem cells in Shanghai.

The recipient of his stem cells will be a leukemia patient who lives in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Xu registered at China Marrow Donor Program in May 2012 after encountering a man whose child had leukemia. Xu became the 388th donor of stem cells in Shanghai.

While patrolling in Jiading District six years ago, Xu saw a cyclist zigzagging and even falling down several times. The man told him that he had great pain in his heart because his child was dying for lack of a stem cell transplant as no match could be found.

Xu said he couldn’t forget the man’s helplessness and decided to join the stem cell bank.

He was informed at the beginning of this year that he was a match for a patient and yesterday, now aged 29, he donated his stem cells at the city’s Huashan Hospital.

By the end of last month, about 2.36 million people had left their stem cell data at CMDP, and a total of 6,705 donations had been made. Among the recipients were 268 from overseas.

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