IT worker leaked colleagues' data because company was being 'unfair'

Data of over 65,000 employees were leaked, police said.

An IT worker of has been detained for leaking data of over 65,000 employees at the company.

Police said on Monday that the suspect, a man surnamed Xiang, claimed that he did so because the company was being “unfair” to him, police said.

Xiang was working as a senior research and development engineer at, a leading online food ordering platform based in Shanghai. 

The company reported the leak to Putuo police at 11pm last Thursday after staff at its risk control department discovered that the data of its employees, including their names, sexes and mail addresses, had appeared on a website. The information could be downloaded along with the company’s database information, police said.

Suspicion fell on Xiang soon after investigation started, and he was detained the next day.

He could face the criminal charge of selling citizens’ personal information to third parties and up to three years in prison, according to China’s Criminal Law.

Meanwhile, Huangpu police have caught three people who allegedly illegally acquired over 80,000 items of personal data and sold them over the Internet.

One of the suspects, a woman surnamed Hu, had access to information of over 23,000 clients when she was working for a financial company and sold the data on social networks for profit, police said.

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