Workers honored as "Shanghai standouts"

The selection started last year with the aim to single out 1,000 exemplary workers over 10 years — 94 were chosen this year.

In a bid to promote expertise, professionalism and the spirit of innovation, Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions selected 94 workers as this year’s “Shanghai standouts.”

The organization announced on Tuesday that "frontline workers" headed the list, with 69 representatives in the 94, compared with 38 out of 88 last year last year.

Frontline workers are the hands-on people who actually do a job rather than instructing others to do it.

The "standouts" selection started last year with the aim of singling out 1,000 exemplary workers over 10 years.

The workers promoted this year range in age from 30 to 63, with an average age of 46, and 26 years average work experience.

A total of 84 men and 10 women were selected, and 75 percent of them work for state-owned companies.

The 94 workers were honored at a ceremony held on Tuesday, after which their stories will be shown on TV and published in a book.

This year’s outstanding workers include a satellite assembling technician, an architect specializing in the ancient Chinese style, an antique literature restoration expert, a radiology technician at a hospital, a pharmacist of Chinese herbal medicine, and a police officer specializing in crime scene forensic photography.

Eight of the 94 are migrant workers. Among them is 47-year-old Luo Kaifeng, a high-level technician and welder working at China Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Co. He worked "with excellence" in the construction of the Chashma Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan.

Workers honored as Shanghai standouts
Ti Gong
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