Work permit applications accelerated to lure top talent

Downtown districts including Hongkou, Changning, Xuhui and Pudong are offering one-stop and convenient services for foreign professionals.

Hongkou District has shortened the process for highly skilled foreigners applying for work permits to just four days.

The effort is part of a citywide trend to simplify the application process to attract more foreign professionals.

The district's talent development service center recently issued a work permit to a Chinese Canadian involved in the wind-power industry in four working days because he is a "talent in short supply," the district government said on Tuesday.

It normally requires 20 working days to process a work permit.

The "one-stop" service center on 1230 Zhongshan Road N. can also offer other services such as social security, taxation advice, as well as entry and exit services for foreign professionals, the government said.

Citywide, the Pudong New Area, Xuhui and Changning districts have also been offering more convenient services to entice top foreign talent.

The Pudong government has established an administration of overseas talent offering a one-stop service for overseas professionals, the district government said.

The foreign talent recommended by the Free Trade Zone  management committee will benefit from a fast track process to apply for the Chinese green card, or foreigner's permanent residence card, according to the Pudong administration.

Similar to what Hongkou is doing, the downtown Xuhui and Changning districts have opened one-stop service centers for key foreigner workers on 969 Nanning Road and 999 Jinzhong Road.

Overseas professionals can also apply for both work and residence permits via the Xuhui government's comprehensive online service platform. The application process can be shortened to 10 working days.

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