Huge increase in numbers of foreign students in Shanghai

The city "has made greater improvement in education in the past five years," according to Shanghai Education Commission.

The number of foreign students in Shanghai has increased by 13,000 to 60,200 in the past five years due to enhanced efforts in international exchanges.

Educational authorities issued the figures on Tuesday at a news conference to summarize their achievements in the period.

The city has established sister city ties with 84 cities in 57 countries and regions, with "rich communication and cooperation in education, arts, sport, science and technology," Shanghai Education Commission said.

A key effort was made to strengthen educational services for Belt and Road countries, which have helped to promote the international impact of Shanghai education, said Su Ming, director of the commission.

Shanghai has set up special summer school programs for students from these countries, sponsored political elites, industrial leaders and academic innovative talents to have training in Shanghai, and the city has organized education fairs in Belt and Road countries.

The city has also attracted international education organizations to operate here, such as the Shanghai Teacher Education Center of UNESCO, the judicial exchange and training center of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Shanghai Center of International Maritime Lecturers Association, and International Maritime Organization’s Asian Maritime Technology Cooperation Center.

Shanghai's primary education became a window for other countries to know about education, said Su. "Shanghai has made greater improvement in education in the past five years and keeps its leading position in the whole nation, with influence both at home and abroad."

Shanghai now has more than 3,350 kindergartens, schools and universities with nearly 2.68 million students and 200,000 teachers.

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