Holidays trip? Enjoy life at home

The eight-day holiday including National Day and Mid-autumn Festival is coming, while Songjiang's Zuibai Pond Garden has prepared a great travel plan for the public. 

The eight-day holiday including National Day and Mid-autumn Festival is coming, and people are considering where to travel, as most tourist sites are crowded. But chill — you can have fun staying here in Shanghai.

Songjiang’s landscape Zuibai Pond Garden is definitely a highlight of your travel plan.As the oldest garden park in Shanghai, it is hosting an Autumn Culture Fete with various activities including a calligraphy and painting exhibition, opera performance, a traditional costume show and a folk music concert.

The park aims to present the beauty of Zuibai Pond Garden and traditional Chinese culture to the public.

Children can enjoy activities like paper cutting and other interesting traditional Chinese games to enjoy their break from school. 


Songjiang style art

Songjiang has a long history and a solid foundation of culture. Dong Qichang and Chen Jiru of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) are the representatives presenting the unique painting style of Songjiang, affecting Chinese painting for hundreds of years. Today, many young artists come to Songjiang to experience the inclusiveness of this old town.

Date: September 28 - October 10
Venue: Carving Gallery

Calligraphy show

Calligraphy is the soul of Songjiang, and Zuibai Pond Garden is a venue for calligraphers to express their inner world since Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). An exhibition is underway at the garden providing a platform for calligraphers an opportunity to interact with each other.

Date: September 29, 1:30-3pm
Venue: Flower Carving Hall


Touhu game

Touhu, meaning to throw arrows into a pot, is not only a game, but also a sport. It has been popular since the Warring States Period (476-221 BC).

Venue: Metasequoia Forest

Riddle guess

Riddle  guess is a unique traditional culture event. Riddles are written on red lanterns waiting for residents to guess the answer. Anyone who gets the right answer receives a souvenir.

Venue: Wistaria Gallery

Han fu  making

Visitors can try paper cutting to make a paper han fu, the costume worn in Han Dynasty (202 BC-AD 220), and take their work home.

Date: Through October 10
Venue: Metasequoia Forest

Shanghai Zuibai Pond Garden

Ticket: 12 yuan

Tel: 6785-3551


Address: 64 Renmin Rd S.


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