Another roller-coaster weather week

This week saw residents sweltering in 30-degree sunshine, and then shivering in 20-degree winds.
Another roller-coaster weather week
Dong Jun / SHINE

Be warned — Thursday will be wet and cold. On Wednesday, a woman struggles with the rain and a restless child on Lianhua Road in Minhang District.

Residents are warned to be braced for a wet and cool Thursday.

Shanghai has been riding a temperature roller-coaster. The high for Monday and Tuesday remained around 30 degrees Celsius. But come Wednesday, it was all change. The temperature dropped 10 degrees, according to Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.

By 5pm on Wednesday the mercury was down to 19.8 degrees — the first time Xujiahui observatory station had recorded a temperature below 20 degrees Celsius since July.

Since Tuesday night, intermittent rain has swept across the city. Precipitation, recorded from 8pm Tuesday to 5pm Wednesday, reached more than 30 milliliters in Baoshan, Jiading and Qingpu districts.

Thursday is forecast to see more drizzle, with the temperature fluctuating between 20 and 25 degrees. From Friday, the mercury will start to climb, with the high reaching 26 degrees.

It will get a little warmer over the weekend, but there is still the chance of more rain, forecasters said.

August 7 marked liqiu, or the beginning of autumn in the Chinese solar calendar. Meteorologically, it requires five consecutive days with average temperatures below 22 degrees. On averagely, this occurs on October 2 in Shanghai. However, in 2015 and 2016, it was October 8.

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