Top health specialists honored during medical association's centennial

Fifty leading medical specialists who have made great contributions to medical development were honored recently in Shanghai.

An expert evaluation was launched to select the final winners of the awards.

Shanghai Medical Association gave a total of 50 leading local medical specialists awards to honor their great contributions to medical development in Shanghai and China, Shanghai Medical Association announced during its 100th anniversary celebrations.

Twenty specialists won lifetime achievement awards and thirty were rewarded for their outstanding contributions. The awards attracted fierce competition after hospitals nominated 63 specialists. 

Winners of the lifetime achievement awards include those who have worked in the fields of clinical medicine, medical education and research for at least 50 years and have leading inventions or achievements in China or the world.

Those who won outstanding contribution awards have worked in the health field for at least 20 years and have made leading achievements.

“We select and honor these leading medical specialists in order to boost Shanghai’s medical development and encourage more doctors to make outstanding progress to improve health capability and benefit more patients,” said Dr Xu Jianguang, director of Shanghai Medical Association.

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