Police seize 360 suspects on a daylong campaign to combat crime

Over 100 of them were involved in an antique fraud.
Police seize 360 suspects on a daylong campaign to combat crime

A police dog inspects a car at a checkpoint on Wednesday night in Changning District during the crackdown campaign.

Shanghai police say their latest one-day crackdown has proved a success.

A total of 360 suspects were rounded up for various violations and crimes around the city on Wednesday in the third of a rolling series of daylong campaigns cracking down on crimes carried out in the previous 30 days.

Over 100 of those held yesterday are suspects in an antique fraud in which they allegedly issued fake appraisal reports and organized fake auction events to defraud people.

Meanwhile, about 11,000 venues, including KTV houses, internet cafes and game parlors among other venues, were inspected by the police on the day.

Traffic police said they punished more than 43,000 traffic offenses, and the fire prevention bureau said they discovered over 5,700 irregularities in high-rise buildings.

The last two day campaigns were carried out on August 24 and September 4 with more than 550 and 440 suspects respectively rounded up.

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