Improved Metro Line 10 service

Metro Line 10 will cut interval times between trains and add two night train services departing from Hongqiao Railway Station.

The city's Metro Line 10 will offer an improved service from Monday.

Interval times for trains running between Hongqiao Railway Station and Jiangwan Stadium stations will be cut.

The Metro operator said the intervals between Hongqiao Railway and Longxi Road stations would fall from 10 to six minutes. The intervals for trains running between Longxi Road and Jiangwan Stadium stations will be cut to three minutes and 45 seconds from the current five minutes. 

The new interval schedule will apply through both weekdays and weekends — except for morning rush hours where times are already faster than the new schedule.

Starting on Monday, the line will add two night train services after its regular timetable from Sundays through Thursdays from Hongqiao Transportation Hub.

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