Weekly Radio Concert celebrates its 35th anniversary

Since 1982, the Weekly Radio Concert has been dedicated to promoting classical music to the public and has, in doing so, become an important cultural brand.

Local cultural brand, the Weekly Radio Concert, held a special performance yesterday at the Shanghai Concert Hall to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

The Rainbow Chamber Singers performed various styles of original songs, most of which reflected the current lives and emotions of the country’s young generation.

Launched by classical music radio channel 947 in 1982, the Weekly Radio Concert has been engaged in promoting classical music to the general public since then. The event is part of the 2017 Shanghai Radio Festival which began on September 21.

Musicians also attended the gala to perform and share stories behind the music. Among them were talented conductor Zhang Chengjie, pianist Jin Hanwen and the harmonica band Magic of Harmonic.

Residents from around the city also brought their old tickets and souvenirs from concerts decades ago. They talked about how the cultural program influenced their lives when they were young.

Organizers of the Weekly Radio Concert said that nowadays a lot of post-1980s musicians take center stage at these performances. 

The program will become more open and dynamic in the future in the hope of making classical music more accessible to an increasing number of young people.

Ti Gong
Ti Gong
Ti Gong
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