Sports and culture competition attracts more than 80,000 workers

The city's federation of trade unions co-organized a cultural and sports competition to provide more diverse service for local employees, with over 80,000 workers signing up.

More than 80,000 workers from the city’s public and private sectors, as well as freelancers, will participate in the annual cultural and sports competition co-organized by the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions.

The number of participants increased by nearly 20,000 from last year, with over 17,000 teams set to compete for prizes worth more than ten million yuan, including an SUV car, organizers said on Monday.

The federation said that with increasing pressure among local workers and the development of mobile internet, traditional cultural and sports events could no longer meet local workers’ needs. The organizers expected to integrate online and offline methods to allow more workers to enjoy the fun of the event.

The competition includes orienteering-based events where teams will visit historic sites of the city’s labor movements — participants' total number of steps will be counted via mobile apps. 

It will also encourage coworkers in the same workplace to use car pooling to commute in order to promote greener transportation, which will also be graded in the evaluation.

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