Oral HIV home self-testing kits now available in-store

The Shanghai government are stepping up attempts for early HIV diagnosis and treatment, beginning with making home self-testing oral swabs available in pharmacies.
Oral HIV home self-testing kits now available in-store

Oral HIV self-testing kits are now available in Shanghai Leiyunshang Pharmacy in an attempt to diagnose as many people as possible and provide timely treatment, Shanghai health authorities said today.

The at-home HIV test kits, which don’t require blood and are painless and non-invasive, use an oral swab to test your body’s response to the HIV virus. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get the result.

Medical experts warned that since the saliva tests could be more sensitive, people who get positive results should visit disease prevention centers for further blood tests, which are free.

In a guideline which outlined China’s plans to control and prevent AIDS from 2016 to 2020, the central government encouraged local governments to start to sell HIV self-testing kits in drug stores and through online stores.

Shanghai Leiyunshang Pharmacy is at No.2 Huashan Road.

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