Pregnant woman has huge tumor removed, mother and fetus stable

Local doctors successfully removed a huge tumor from the pelvic cavity of a 14-week pregnant woman. Both patient and fetus are in stable condition now.
Pregnant woman has huge tumor removed, mother and fetus stable
Ti Gong

Doctors at Renji Hospital remove a tumor from a pregnant woman.

A local hospital has announced the successful removal of a huge tumor from the belly of a 14-week pregnant woman.

Both the woman and fetus are in a stable condition, doctors from Renji Hospital said on Saturday.

The woman was found to have a tumor in her pelvic cavity during a prenatal check and went to different hospitals for help. She went to Renji after doctors at all other hospitals said her condition was too complicated for them to deal with.

Dr Wang Yu at Renji Hospital said the woman’s tumor was a rare and aggressive one which had a high growth rate, and that it should be removed immediately to protect the health of both the pregnant woman and the fetus.

Doctors conducted a four-hour surgery to successfully remove the 3,455-gram tumor without any damage to surrounding tissue and organs. The after-surgery check-up found the fetus was healthy and the patient has been discharged.

Wang Yu said pre-pregnancy and prenatal checks are both extremely important. Patients must get to hospital immediately if a tumor is detected.

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