Three accidents involving overhead traffic signs occur in as many days

The accidents were caused either by goods stacked too high on trucks or from careless drivers. All will face criminal investigation for damaging traffic infrastructure.

Three trucks hit overhead traffic signs in Shanghai over as many days, causing three injuries.

The three accidents also caused damage of the traffic sign frames. The drivers, who are under criminal detention, will face criminal investigation for damaging transportation facilities, police said on Tuesday.

On Friday of last week at around midday, a truck illegally loaded with scrap metal was driving on Yanggao Road S., heading for Longyang Road Overpass. The load was stacked too high, hitting frames that hold traffic signs overhead, partly shutting down the road. The driver, surnamed Cheng, ran away under the instruction of a passenger in the truck to avoid penalties. Both of them were caught on the same night.

At about 4am on Sunday, a heavy-duty van hit a traffic sign frame on the exit of Huqingping Highway, which caused the frame to fall down and injure three people, including the driver. Two of the injured are still receiving hospital treatment.

On the same day at noon, a dump truck’s raised box hits overhead traffic sign frames when driving along Lianggang Avenue.

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