It's hot and it's cold: It's hanlu

Temperatures will touch 30 degrees Celsius before plunging to below 20 this week.

Shanghai is in for a mixed week of fluctuating temperatures and intermittent drizzle with hanlu (cold dews) season, which began on Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday are forecast to be cloudy, but the maximum is expected to touch 30 on Tuesday before turning cooler as a cold front comes in from the north and brings drizzle, the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said on Sunday.

The high is expected to drop to 24 on Wednesday and 20 on Thursday.

The city’s environmental monitoring center says air quality will remain excellent for the first half of the week.

Sunday marked the start of the solar term hanlu, and the weather will get steadily cooler and rainier, so get those coats out of the closet and rug up.

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