Boy, 7, critically injured by falling glass pane

The 7-year-old was walking to school with his grandfather when the incident happened. Initial police investigations have ruled out foul play, but inquiries are continuing.
Ti Gong

The boy is carried by a stranger to a taxi while his grandfather covers his head with a towel given by a crab store owner.

A 7-YEAR-OLD boy is in a critical condition in hospital after being hit by a 1-square-meter pane of glass that fell from a building on Wuwei Road E. while he was walking to school with his grandfather yesterday morning.

The boy underwent emergency surgery on his head and shoulder and is in the intensive care unit.

A man surnamed Hu, the father of one of the boy’s classmates and who was at the hospital with the family, told Shanghai Daily the boy, a first-grader surnamed Zhou, was walking hand-in-hand with his grandfather on the way to school about 8am when the pane fell from a building in a housing estate.

The shocked grandfather rushed the boy to nearby Tongji Hospital.

Witness said the incident happened without warning.

When they heard a bang, they looked over and the boy was already on the ground, covered in blood.

The owner of a nearby crab store, who asked not to be named, and who came to the aid of the grandfather said the glass fell from a stairwell on the seventh floor.

A neighborhood committee director surnamed Zhao said it was the first such incident at the housing estate.

But the crab store owner and some other shopowners said there had been two similar accidents involving falling glass in recent years.

But he said no one had been injured in either of those accidents.

Yesterday’s incident has alarmed parents and students at the boy’s school.

Police said initial investigations indicated the glass had not been intentionally thrown.

But inquiries are continuing at the residential complex at No. 6, Lane 479 on Wuwei Road E.

The latest accident caused anxiety among parents of students at the boy’s school.

Hu said they wished the management company of the housing estate would launch an inspection and get rid of other potential hazards to ensure security of students commuting between home and school.

Under the law, when items falling out of buildings hurt people, the owners, administrators or users of the buildings should be liable and compensate the victims unless they can prove they were not at fault.

Xu Lingchao / SHINE

The glass fell from the seventh story.

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