Rug up, autumn may be here

The season officially starts with five consecutive days of average temperatures below 22 degrees Celsius — and the forecast is for 17-22 degrees over the next few days.
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Residents feel the autumn chill on Mengzi Road in Huangpu District.

Shanghai is likely to enter autumn proper this week, forecasters said on Wednesday.

A cold front hit about midnight Tuesday, bringing thunderstorms. Northern and western areas such as  Songjiang and Jiading districts were heavily hit.

Rain helped cool the city dramatically — from Tuesday’s high of 30.4 degrees Celsius to barely 21 degrees on Wednesday morning and hovering around 20 by noon, as recorded by downtown Xujiahui observatory.

The cold front is set to settle over the city for the rest of the week, the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said.

Temperatures will fluctuate between 17 and 22 until Sunday and residents should carry umbrellas for expected intermittent showers.

It is considered officially autumn when the average temperature is below 22 for five consecutive days. And the beginning of the season is counted from the first of those five days, which may turn out to have been Wednesday.

Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE
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