Bringing the tram system back to life

In the first half of the 20th Century, Shanghai had a vibrant tram system, which had disappeared by 1975. Now, there are plans for a new, smaller network.
Bringing the tram system back to life
Han Jiayi / Ti Gong

A tram passes in front of the Kai Yuan Med Shopping Center during a trial run of Shanghai’s new tram line, the T2 in Songjiang District.

Shanghai’s proposed new tram line, T2 in Songjiang District, ran its first test run on Wednesday with 50 local residents taking part.

The trial run covered four stops in the west section of T2 — Jiangxue Road Station, Xilin Road N. Station, Kai Yuan Med Shopping Center Station and Wenhui Road Station — over more than 2.5 kilometers.

The Songjiang information office said the service from Canghua Road Station on T1 to Longma Road Station on T2  would be tested in early 2018. Both lines are expected to begin pilot operations in November next year.

Shanghai revived its historic tram system in 2010 with the Zhangjiang Tram service, which is still the only line in operation so far.

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