Shanghai wins bid to host the 46th WorldSkills Competition in 2021

It will be the first time the Chinese mainland hosts a WorldSkills Competition and is expected to help promote its vocational education and training plus respect for skills.

“The 46th WorldSkills Competition shall be held 2021 in Shanghai,” Simon Bartley, the president of WorldSkills International, announced today in Abu Dhabi.

The announcement was made after Yin Weimin, China’s Minister of Human Resources and Social Security, Ying Yong, Mayor of Shanghai, and two youth representatives demonstrated China’s willingness and capability to host the biennial event.

Chinese President Xi Jinping also expressed the Chinese government and people’s support for Shanghai to host the event in a video speech and extended a warm welcome to the world.

Shanghai became the only candidate city bidding for the hosting rights as Switzerland dropped out of the running in July.

This is the first time the Chinese mainland has applied to host a WorldSkills Competition in the hope that it can be helpful in promoting vocational education and training, as well as the spirit of craftsmanship, and that it will create a friendly atmosphere that respects skills and work.

Yin said China would like to learn experiences from countries with strong skills and also contribute to WorldSkills International and skills development across the world.

He also said the event would get China closer with the rest of the world and promote cooperation between China and WorldSkills International and its member countries if it could come to Shanghai.

Yin said the Chinese government would root for Shanghai in hosting the event and stage a milestone WorldSkills Competition for the whole world.

Ying also said the government, enterprises, organizations and citizens in Shanghai all support the city in hosting the largest vocational skills contest in the world known as the “Olympics of manual skills for young people."

He also introduced the infrastructure in Shanghai, including existing venues for the competition, the two international airports connecting Shanghai with 255 cities in the world, and hotels with 700,000 beds. The number of hotels is expected to reach 9,100 by 2021, offering 750,000 beds and 3,000 volunteers fluent in English.

A WorldSkills International delegation led by its president visited Shanghai in April and acknowledged the city was capable of hosting the event after visiting potential venues and other infrastructure. The city also held an international skills competition and a forum in June as a touchstone to demonstrate its capability.

China is a young member for WorldSkills International, an international organization dedicated in skills worldwide via practices including the WorldSkills Competition, as it joined in 2010.

China first participated in the competition in 2011 and has won five gold, eight silver, and seven bronze medals, as well as 29 medallions for excellence.

In the 44th competition, which will kick off in Abu Dhabi tomorrow with an opening ceremony, China will have 52 competitors competing in 47 areas, including six from Shanghai.

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