Shanghai facing first rainstorm of the autumn

Typhoon Khanun and cold front will bring first autumn rainstorm this weekend. Autumn came late this year but the chills of November arrived early.

Stormy days are coming because of the effect of a severe cold front and the reverse troughs of typhoon Khanun.

According to the forecast, the period of rainfall and gales may last quite a while, with the volume of rainfall expected to be high.

The city’s flood-control headquarters has announced relevant departments should apply for emergency response if flooding occurs to reduce damage. They are also advised to pay close attention to weather change, and put people’s life and property first.

Heavy rainfall is set to begin from Saturday night and is likely to continue till Monday night, the forecaster said.

Most areas in the city will embrace heavy rain (30-50 mm) while downpours (80-130 mm) will come in the east and south. Northeasterly winds will strengthen after Saturday afternoon, and Shanghai will face strong gales over the next 2 days. 

Maximum gale power will reach level 5-7 in town, and 8-9 on the sea.

Official records show Shanghai has entered autumn around 2 October since 1981, but this year the new season came 9 days later than usual.

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