Shanghai actor and director Yan Shunkai dies

The internationally recognized comedian Yan Shunkai died in his home city of Shanghai on Monday. He was 80.

Yan Shunkai

Shanghai actor and director Yan Shunkai, known for his role in “The True Story of Ah Q,” died in his home city on Monday at the age of 80.

Yan performed at China’s first Spring Festival Gala Evening in 1983. He enrolled in the Central Academy of Drama in 1959.

In 1982, he won the Gold Stick Prize at the Second International Festival of Comedy Films in Switzerland for his role in “The True Story of Ah Q,” based on a novella written by Lu Xun, a leading figure of modern Chinese literature.

Yan had been suffering from cerebral and myocardial infarctions and had been hospitalized for seven years.

According to earlier reports, Yan could no longer walk and struggled to talk to others due to the diseases.

Yan celebrated his 80th birthday in hospital on June 6.


Yan's role in “The True Story of Ah Q"

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