Construction of new medical innovation zone kicks off

Ruijin Hospital will lead a new health innovation zone to develop laboratory results for clinical use.
Ti Gong

Officials and experts announced kickoff of the construction of a new health innovation zone during the 110th anniversary of Ruijin Hospital

A new health innovation zone, which mainly focuses on research and development of products from laboratory to clinical and practical use, will begin construction on Sinan Road.

Led by Ruijin Hospital, the new health zone will have facilities and equipment for translational medicine and will cooperate with labs and scientific institutes in Zhangjiang High-tech Park, hospital officials announced while celebrating the hospital’s 110th anniversary.

“Translating research results from laboratory to real life use is a long process, and is also weak in the current health industry,” said Dr Qu Jieming, president of Ruijin Hospital. “We want all follow-up research and assistance work like data processing, quality control and product incubation to be achieved in the new zone, which can really bring benefits to patients and the public.”

The hospital said it is leading three big medical projects including the Shanghai part of a national translational medicine key scientific base, a cancer proton treatment center and Shanghai's air ambulance center.

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